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Guerilla Marketing: Where Imagination Gets Wings

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To be a good marketing person, one has to be a little crazy, to be able to think ahead of time and believe in what they think. Guerilla marketers especially, have to conceive ideas that have never been done before, and that is why they are often called crazy. Guerilla Marketing is inspired by Guerilla warfare, where armed civilians used small unconventional tactics to battle the armed forces. Similarly, in Guerilla style marketing, marketers think of eccentric ideas which are usually:

  • Uncommon
  • Inexpensive
  • Engaging
  • Surprising
  • Memorable

With its onset in 1984 from Jay Conrad Levinson’s book ‘Guerilla Marketing’, this method has been successfully adopted by many brands worldwide, both big and small alike and many of them have set benchmarks in the history of marketing due to the exclusivity of these ideas. Let us put some light on few major factors that make Guerilla Marketing popular and effective.

  1. Cheap execution.
    Most tactics often used do not cost much, as compared to classic advertising where costs are often directly proportional to the reach of the advertisement. Urban spaces can be wisely used to accommodate the concepts.
  2. Something like never before.
    It does not matter if you don’t have a big budget because you have to have a big imagination that goes beyond the norms that everyone follows. Most successful campaigns attract people because it is something new that they have never seen before. Copying ideas does not work here easily.
  3. Word-of-mouth.
    Witnessing an unusual sight compels people to share it with others. It is the pride that comes with knowing something different that makes everyone excited about new things. This is where marketing wins with word-of-mouth by creating a trust and reliability factor.

Despite all the advantages, BrandMommy has observed that Guerilla Marketing can turn risky if not executed with care. It’s not merely a publicity stunt to cast a magic spell on audience; rather it has to be an act that triggers a feeling of excitement and familiarity among viewers. Messages can be misunderstood if too much is left to the imagination of people turning your campaign into a disaster. Therefore, complete care has to be taken with respect to the social mindsets and city laws in your area.
What’s your Guerilla Plan? Make sure to share it with us for some expert advice.


Author: is a complete Marketing and Public Relations Agency. We work with various brands and help them in tapping the resources and build a firm grasp on all online and offline marketing platforms. We do not believe in straitjacket solutions as each brand has its own requisites and style. With our clients we bring about a creative picture that is projected widely on various platforms. Our team is our biggest asset comprising of some truly genius individuals. Over these years we have advanced with an assortment of brands and polished ourselves like diamonds.

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