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Social Media: The new age marketing platform

These days’ digital marketing experts are seeing a shift in the social media engagement patterns of major brands in India and other countries with brands now becoming more aware of their image and the kind of content they share. All the brands who have their presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram keep an eye on all the latest trends and viral news and are quick to share them on their handles, allowing audiences to feel a connection with them, showing them that brands are not just labels and trademarks, rather an entity that breathes and feels and has an opinion on things that matter just like all of us. While new brands use social media to build an image and educate consumers about the need of their products and services, established players use it to keep their bond with consumers intact and update themselves by actively taking user feedback and answering queries.

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The advantage to both kinds of brands, big and small alike is that they now have another platform to market themselves in a seamless manner where they unite with the voice of people and where influencers and satisfied users can share their experiences and encourage others to try you out. Also, dissatisfied consumers can provide feedback and get instant response to their queries which further increases credibility. This kind of marketing works as word of mouth as a third party is involved therefore it wins the confidence of the public. These new trends in social media have paved the way for Social Media Marketing making it an actual product that digital marketers are now training themselves in.

BrandMommy has worked on social media since the very beginning of Facebook and YouTube and has also observed social media trends on all major platforms. We have strategized the social media activities of our clients to increase their engagement and make them receive maximum response online with interactive content including blogs, reviews, explained videos, useful tips, information, catalogs and relationship building with followers. We can undoubtedly say that the future of marketing and brand building lies in social media and now is the right time to join the bandwagon to start actualizing your dream plans for your brands. What are your thoughts on using social media marketing for the benefit of your business? Share your thoughts with us and stay tuned!


Author: is a complete Marketing and Public Relations Agency. We work with various brands and help them in tapping the resources and build a firm grasp on all online and offline marketing platforms. We do not believe in straitjacket solutions as each brand has its own requisites and style. With our clients we bring about a creative picture that is projected widely on various platforms. Our team is our biggest asset comprising of some truly genius individuals. Over these years we have advanced with an assortment of brands and polished ourselves like diamonds.

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