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5 stars of crude SEO!

In the most basic statements, SEO can be summarized as the set of activities undertaken to push the rankings of your presence on the list of the ever popular search engines. Well presuming that the readers of this article are fairly sound with the knowledge of what essentially search engine optimization does, I would like to discuss about five basic star pointers that make crude base to keep a nice track of your SEO activities.

Starting with the very basic but most important step is having a self-owned domain name and hosting. Now having your own domain name and hosting provides the benefit of being able to gain trust of people on your site and help you to showcase your uniqueness. Owning your own domain name and hosting makes you your own master and improves the chances of being in the eyes of google.

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After owning a domain name and hosting what you really need to craft is the presence of original problem solving content on your website. Originality is praised by all! Even google loves original content that provides relevant and appropriate searches. To gain attention and have a push on your google rankings, you really need to provide your readers with authentic write ups that solve the purpose of many. Solving problems backed by authenticity gives you more clicks on your URL and hence helps to improve your SERPs (search engine ranking positions).

Writing exceptional content matters but what helps more to increase your counters in google rankings is creating relevant backlinks. Infusing effective back-links from relevant sources help you provide a good boost in the rankings. Creating effective back-links helps google to have quick access to your content and hence results in better chances for your SEO activity.

Apart from the above three, which were more about creation of the website, one more thing that really helps to index your site better is installing a sitemap. The sitemap helps to guide through the complete structure of the site and provides the crawlers to fetch the information of the site more efficiently. The sitemap helps in building the ease of channel to the access points of the website and hence results in better indexing of the website.

Last pointer in my 5 star list of crude SEO understanding but definitely not the least is the interactive social media handles. Handle your social media accounts in the most interactive way because they are the regular chit chat points with your readers. Update your every new move or spread your existing ones through your handles because they help you to spread right and fast. And most importantly show your effective presence at every required channel as that increases your credibility readers and google as well.


Author: is a complete Marketing and Public Relations Agency. We work with various brands and help them in tapping the resources and build a firm grasp on all online and offline marketing platforms. We do not believe in straitjacket solutions as each brand has its own requisites and style. With our clients we bring about a creative picture that is projected widely on various platforms. Our team is our biggest asset comprising of some truly genius individuals. Over these years we have advanced with an assortment of brands and polished ourselves like diamonds.

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