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Website is your first digital Identity


With the upcoming upsurge of Digital India and the recent steps to demonetise the present trade systems, updated website as necessary information platforms are the need of the hour and the first ever identity proof of the existence of your trade in the digital space in particular and marketing space in general.

The website is the first address that your clients locate before they locate anything else about your business. The most trusted store house website essentially becomes your first identity proof in the space of digital marketing and information space.

With the demand for everything pluperfect, your website needs to be just perfect if nothing but the best something which leaves the first impression in the minds of your client and enthralls them with the fact that if a website is good, the services would be. The first impression makes them contact you and is necessarily the first step towards attracting a prospective client towards your brand and service. The website need not be only attractive, but should be equally participating, rich in content, SEO friendly and is informative to the core.  In a nutshell, the essential ingredients should be incorporated into your website, some of them listed here;

The website should be dynamic and should match the latest algorithms of Google and other search engines. A website should have engaging and informative content related to the keyword searches. A website should be smartphone friendly as most of the sites are searched via smartphones only.

Also, the content should be made and updated as per latest guidelines by the search engine and website should be developed along with all security norms so that website can be crawled, indexed and ranked by google appropriately.

Developing a good website is a challenge since apart from the client’s expectations many guidelines have to keep in mind and thus one needs to provide their customer the best-designed website which can run for a longer period of time and has a necessary feature of SEO friendliness.

Though there are many web development agencies that have been instrumental in developing a good website, right design, the right content and right understanding of clients requirements are required to understand what does necessarily client requires and how can a good website meet all his requirements.

For more information, connect our strategists and our expert team of developers. You can connect with us via; or you can drop us a call also;

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Digital Marketing- The present day’s important ingredient of marketing

While Marketing is an important ingredient of any organization’s success recipe, digital marketing the sub-component of the same essentially hold the maximum percentage. Gone are the days when traditional modes of marketing were the most trusted strategies, brands these days keep it simple either with just digital marketing or an amalgamation of Digital marketing plus traditional marketing.  Digital marketing the current wave is the most important for brands to invest and serves the five following purposes:

  1. Enhancing reach and buzz for the brand
  2. Enhancing Brand image amidst its competitors
  3. Helps brand to generate a strong brand recall for itself.
  4. Strengthening the efforts of the brand in the dynamic marketing environment

With digital marketing as an important resource channel for the brands to invest, presence on social media channels, SEO forums, and search engines has become mandatory and thus avoidance of the same can proves to be costly for the respective brands. With the inception of smartphones, presence on digital marketing channels is important as these mediums pose a two-way connection with the audiences.

With the inept of the same, even digital marketing personnel’s or so called agencies are mushrooming at an accelerating rate. In such a scenario clients have a tough time in deciding the appropriate agency for their organizations and brands thereby.  While everyone calls itself the best agency there are few points that you need to introspect before your select your digital marketing partner.

  1. I believe before you select prospected agencies, make sure they have an appropriate team with years of expertise and right guides who can sail your marketing journey onto the right channels and does know what percentage of time and content needs to be invested onto which channel.
  2. Make sure the agency whom you have approached or vice versa has researched and studied well about your organization and can carve a right marketing plan and strategy for your digital marketing program.
  3. The best digital marketing agency just can’t impose the use of each channel onto your marketing basket. The agency should know very well which platform has your maximum target audience base, wherein you can best interact with your target audiences and which channel will help you reach closer to your marketing goals and objectives
  4. Best digital marketing agency must know about your goals and objectives and should draft a strategy accordingly with specified timelines of achievable numbers
  5. The agency should have studied your current efforts and should devise an appropriate changed strategy for your organization and brand in question.

All we can say is there is nothing called as the best digital marketing agency for the best means someone who can touch the right nodes and can help you reach your goals you plan to reach via digital marketing channels. To help you get the best for your digital marketing plan, feel free to connect with us;

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Know how influencer marketing agency could boost your business.

In the current times, it is not too much to say that marketing is more of a bare essential for a company or a brand’s survival. For your brand to stand out you need expert help and for that, you need to get yourself in touch with the best influencer marketing agencies. You know why? Because they know the trick.

With the advent of time, it has been observed that many marketing agencies are coming up and it the choice of the brand, which one they find suitable. Brand mommy is one of such influencer marketing agencies in Delhi. The dedication of the agency towards its clientele makes it reach the top. So many techniques are to be adopted and followed. The top influencer marketing agency would know when and how to adapt and what’s the next one to move to.The business of influencer marketing agency is based on the happiness and sanctity of their clients. To generate leads, promotion of brand is critical. You will find blogs, articles, various posts, product descriptions, videos,

The business of influencer marketing agency is based on the happiness and sanctity of their clients. To generate leads, promotion of brand is critical. You will find blogs, articles, various posts, product descriptions, videos, vlogs, Ad campaigns relating to the brand.

A whole teamwork is involved in every successful brand. Marketing is now touching all the platforms and is a skyrocketing industry. In the current times of competition, the influencer marketing agencies in Delhi, for example, use all the platforms like print media, social media, electronic media for example to establish a brand name.

Marketing agencies are like the sauce in your pasta, you cannot do without that special sauce to make it taste right and appropriate. Every agency has its forte industry, which it excels in, so the right thing is to pick for yourself. Some are really influential in hospitality, some in the health sector, others in travel and tourism, IT etc.

Marketing agencies focus is hitting the right audience with appropriate information, no hoarding or beating around the bush. It is all fair and square, the brand gets fame and repo and the customers get the product and services. Its all give and take but in a fashion like never done before. Creativity with conceptualization, strategy, and timing makes it a journey worth taking.

The boost for top marketing agency is to stay on the top with hard work and smart work. Agencies like BrandMommy are one such amalgamation of traditional and modern times making it seem like a cakewalk. But instead, it all involves way more especially with the ever-improving technology and more vigilant audiences. The key is to create something new and something that is never seen before. The world gone digital is a very smart world, so the trick is to trigger the thoughts and make it someone’s topic of conversation. As it is said, ‘ it’s easy said than done’. Well, that’s pretty true so it won’t be wrong if the marketing agencies get some recognition behind each brand they built to glory.

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5 stars of crude SEO!

In the most basic statements, SEO can be summarized as the set of activities undertaken to push the rankings of your presence on the list of the ever popular search engines. Well presuming that the readers of this article are fairly sound with the knowledge of what essentially search engine optimization does, I would like to discuss about five basic star pointers that make crude base to keep a nice track of your SEO activities.

Starting with the very basic but most important step is having a self-owned domain name and hosting. Now having your own domain name and hosting provides the benefit of being able to gain trust of people on your site and help you to showcase your uniqueness. Owning your own domain name and hosting makes you your own master and improves the chances of being in the eyes of google.

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After owning a domain name and hosting what you really need to craft is the presence of original problem solving content on your website. Originality is praised by all! Even google loves original content that provides relevant and appropriate searches. To gain attention and have a push on your google rankings, you really need to provide your readers with authentic write ups that solve the purpose of many. Solving problems backed by authenticity gives you more clicks on your URL and hence helps to improve your SERPs (search engine ranking positions).

Writing exceptional content matters but what helps more to increase your counters in google rankings is creating relevant backlinks. Infusing effective back-links from relevant sources help you provide a good boost in the rankings. Creating effective back-links helps google to have quick access to your content and hence results in better chances for your SEO activity.

Apart from the above three, which were more about creation of the website, one more thing that really helps to index your site better is installing a sitemap. The sitemap helps to guide through the complete structure of the site and provides the crawlers to fetch the information of the site more efficiently. The sitemap helps in building the ease of channel to the access points of the website and hence results in better indexing of the website.

Last pointer in my 5 star list of crude SEO understanding but definitely not the least is the interactive social media handles. Handle your social media accounts in the most interactive way because they are the regular chit chat points with your readers. Update your every new move or spread your existing ones through your handles because they help you to spread right and fast. And most importantly show your effective presence at every required channel as that increases your credibility readers and google as well.

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Digital Marketing buzzing the world

The present scenario of the market is ruled by digital marketing. Everyone wants to be on the top of the list. Once one has hit the digital platform, it is assumed they are all ready to take the flight soon. The current trend is to create a buzz and for that ruling the digital world is very important. The start-ups are gaining momentum at the present.

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BrandMommy being a digital marketing service provider itself believes deeply in the future of the same. With the government making India digital to the marketing strategies are all about creativity and brain works.  It helps in making a more friendly approach to poaching customers and the companies get a better response. The more it buzzes the longer it stays, is what this digital world believes in. Also, it is making a lot happen in the global marketing as well. With the help of  social media, it is quite successful.

Digital Marketing is letting people connect and use the digital platform to express themselves, hence, giving them an open space. This way more people get in touch, the right audience or consumer get the knowledge. So, basically, it is a win-win for all. It may be very technical as it should be. Nothing great comes easy as it is said usually. But it is very effective without any doubt. It touches so many mediums to get the desired results making everything functional and active all at once. This type of marketing requires a very clever team like we love to boast about ours, yes, like that. Proper strategy, analysis, content, and other resources that is required to make a good marketing especially the marketing gone digital now.  So, our message to all would be like, chose your team wisely, as only we deal with people nicely, BrandMommy is here to run the show.

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Social Media: The new age marketing platform

These days’ digital marketing experts are seeing a shift in the social media engagement patterns of major brands in India and other countries with brands now becoming more aware of their image and the kind of content they share. All the brands who have their presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram keep an eye on all the latest trends and viral news and are quick to share them on their handles, allowing audiences to feel a connection with them, showing them that brands are not just labels and trademarks, rather an entity that breathes and feels and has an opinion on things that matter just like all of us. While new brands use social media to build an image and educate consumers about the need of their products and services, established players use it to keep their bond with consumers intact and update themselves by actively taking user feedback and answering queries.

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The advantage to both kinds of brands, big and small alike is that they now have another platform to market themselves in a seamless manner where they unite with the voice of people and where influencers and satisfied users can share their experiences and encourage others to try you out. Also, dissatisfied consumers can provide feedback and get instant response to their queries which further increases credibility. This kind of marketing works as word of mouth as a third party is involved therefore it wins the confidence of the public. These new trends in social media have paved the way for Social Media Marketing making it an actual product that digital marketers are now training themselves in.

BrandMommy has worked on social media since the very beginning of Facebook and YouTube and has also observed social media trends on all major platforms. We have strategized the social media activities of our clients to increase their engagement and make them receive maximum response online with interactive content including blogs, reviews, explained videos, useful tips, information, catalogs and relationship building with followers. We can undoubtedly say that the future of marketing and brand building lies in social media and now is the right time to join the bandwagon to start actualizing your dream plans for your brands. What are your thoughts on using social media marketing for the benefit of your business? Share your thoughts with us and stay tuned!

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Can Social Media pose to be a boon for your marketing strategy?

The glittering power of social media has been a visible journey for one and for all. With the rising digital war among varied brands and in the ever continuing battle to rule the digital space, social media has always played the role of a knight in shining armor to protect the position of the companies. It has become a new separate world which has its own functioning and strategies that can make or take away the brand’s fame. Let us have a look at some pointers to understand that what essence social media can hold for a brand or a company.

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The Third World
With nearly 2.1 billion people having social media accounts, it is not only the largest platform to connect people but can also be categorized as a new world which has made the interaction and flow of information brisk and smooth. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, etc have undoubtedly created a welcoming web like network that has interlinked all the corners of the world together. Brands can use such networks to spill out their words to the world with maximum ease, at minimum cost and to attain a widespread reach across boundaries.

It is not only about the platforms, but the support devises have also been the favoring elements towards the new gen communication space. With more than 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts, smart phones and wireless internet access have transformed the scenarios of businesses and provided not only quick but more mobilized usage of interaction and communication. People can sit at any corner and perform information exchange activities and can conduct not only social but business activities as well irrespective of national and international boundaries. Brands can have access to have information infusion pointers to capture a market which can be counted as a dream before the outbreak of the digital world.

Quick Spill
With the growing cut throat competition among businesses, the jars of marketing techniques have filled up to the brims. Every possible tactics is utilized by managers to stand out and give a splendid performance. Social Media takes a stance at the brim of the marketing jar and straws the marketing communication to the mouths of the customers. Providing the biggest connecting space to the globe, catering close to 1.7 billion active social media accounts, social media is a quick spill catalyst to present the best of it to the world.

Perfect Blend
The territory of social media encapsulates a perfect blend for all categories of digital audience. It provides a podium to mark the presence of varied target points. Brands operating the marketing strategies over social media enjoy the benefit of strategic and performing towards aiming a blend of diverse audience and provides a 360 degree vision for creating a brand image.

The virtual world has captured the major hooks of reality. Social media has not only been a catalyst to give thrust to modern day businesses but is also turning to be a necessity for businesses to uphold the brand image as well as operations. How tactfully the managers handle the social media tool define the further passage for the business in fact some of the modern day businesses run through social media only. Hence, devising pertinent understanding of social media and its strategies can pose to be a boon to the overall marketing function and provide new dimensions to the businesses.

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Guerilla Marketing: Where Imagination Gets Wings

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To be a good marketing person, one has to be a little crazy, to be able to think ahead of time and believe in what they think. Guerilla marketers especially, have to conceive ideas that have never been done before, and that is why they are often called crazy. Guerilla Marketing is inspired by Guerilla warfare, where armed civilians used small unconventional tactics to battle the armed forces. Similarly, in Guerilla style marketing, marketers think of eccentric ideas which are usually:

  • Uncommon
  • Inexpensive
  • Engaging
  • Surprising
  • Memorable

With its onset in 1984 from Jay Conrad Levinson’s book ‘Guerilla Marketing’, this method has been successfully adopted by many brands worldwide, both big and small alike and many of them have set benchmarks in the history of marketing due to the exclusivity of these ideas. Let us put some light on few major factors that make Guerilla Marketing popular and effective.

  1. Cheap execution.
    Most tactics often used do not cost much, as compared to classic advertising where costs are often directly proportional to the reach of the advertisement. Urban spaces can be wisely used to accommodate the concepts.
  2. Something like never before.
    It does not matter if you don’t have a big budget because you have to have a big imagination that goes beyond the norms that everyone follows. Most successful campaigns attract people because it is something new that they have never seen before. Copying ideas does not work here easily.
  3. Word-of-mouth.
    Witnessing an unusual sight compels people to share it with others. It is the pride that comes with knowing something different that makes everyone excited about new things. This is where marketing wins with word-of-mouth by creating a trust and reliability factor.

Despite all the advantages, BrandMommy has observed that Guerilla Marketing can turn risky if not executed with care. It’s not merely a publicity stunt to cast a magic spell on audience; rather it has to be an act that triggers a feeling of excitement and familiarity among viewers. Messages can be misunderstood if too much is left to the imagination of people turning your campaign into a disaster. Therefore, complete care has to be taken with respect to the social mindsets and city laws in your area.
What’s your Guerilla Plan? Make sure to share it with us for some expert advice.

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No Shave November Begins

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With November starting today, the #NoShaveNovember campaign is in full swing with men all over the world excited to grow their beard for a whole month and giving up on grooming services like purchasing a razor or visiting the salon. But No Shave November is not only about growing hair and flaunting it, rather it hits many birds with one stone. This non-profit campaign aims at raising awareness about cancer where patients often lose their hair and it also acts as a fundraiser where the money saved by participants after giving up grooming is collected to support cancer prevention, research, and awareness. Started in 2009 by the members of Chicago land Hill family, this movement has raised $2 million to date. People from all over the world bring their pictures to view on social media with pride and celebrate the movement with custom merchandise, posters, parties and contests throughout the month.

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Website Designing: Defining success in Modern times

Out of all the activities, people do each day, a majority of them somehow are dependent on the internet completely or partially. Communication, shopping, entertainment, learning, reservations and various other such daily tasks can be fulfilled within minutes using a smartphone or computer and the internet. All these activities which are completely different in nature have one thing in common – a website. A website can be a condensed and digitized form of anything: grocery store, a service brochure, an art exhibition, a doctor’s reception, a résumé, a shopping mall or whatever one wants it to be.

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Just as the look of a physical premise influences the customer’s decisions, similarly, the interface of a website determines the visitor’s decisions and that is why every business would like to make the best impression through their website. The key to making that lasting impression is through letting the visitor feast their eyes on the look of the website and serving them with a platter of meticulously placed content garnished with simple navigation. For creating this extravagant treat for your brand, what you need is an expert web developer who can create a responsive design loaded with features yet easily usable by any kind of user.

There are hundreds of websites talking about the same subjects and trying to sell the same products online but not all of them succeed and one of the biggest reason for this is their website. With all the information easily available about web designing, most people still ignore the importance of having a user-friendly and aesthetic website for their brands. It takes integrated effort from the sides of a web designer and a creative manager to build a fast, SEO friendly, de-cluttered website which effortlessly tells what you want to and distinguishes you from the rest of the market. A seamlessly mingling color scheme with subtle colors and appropriate graphics along with smart animations topped with an apt usage of custom fonts is the basic requirement of any website. Website designing, when done at BrandMommy, is the incarnation of the warmest and most welcoming invitation to audiences and consumers to your business with increased traffic and sales. Our web designing team is a bunch of creative minds with fountains of new ideas to bring into play. Keep returning to this space for more such scoops on digital marketing and tech.