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Content Marketing: The new player in the global marketing sphere

In today’s world that is globally connected and social-media driven, anyone does not stop to pay attention to adverts that are sponsored or fabricated. Television viewers skip commercials, magazine readers flip the pages and do not click on banner ads while surfing the internet. But they actively seek out information about latest goods and services and solutions to their problems with the use of these. But without TV, magazines and online advertisements, how do people get the information and answers they need? How do companies inform the audiences about their products? The answer to all of these is content marketing.

This comprises of constructing complimentary material like articles, videos, reviews, blogs, guides, tweets, e-books, and emails to inform, entertain and educate people. The aim is the same in both forms of marketing: to increase leads, traffic, and sales.  What it does is that it brings in people instead of broadcasting a message to them.

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What happens if you choose the route of Content-based Marketing?

Marketing revolves around narrating a story to grab an audience’s imagination and motivate them to act. The more fascinating the story sounds, the more likely listeners will accept it. The traditional method of marketing uses television, radio and print advertisements. Here is how Content marketing and Traditional marketing are different from each other.
Rather than pitching a product, content is continuously published to subtly influence the purchasing decisions of the audience and provide solutions to their problems. Content-based marketing runs on the principle that people believe in editorials more than advertisements.
Traditional marketing, on the other hand, does not completely utilize the potential of internet and sticks to old school ways like billboards, flyers, newspaper ads, prime time TV commercial slots etc. Though still indispensable, traditional marketing is losing its shares to the newer content marketing tactics today.

And why should you use this technique?
We can draw a list of benefits of using content because there are so many, but for now, let’s discuss a few of them. Content remains in the circulation for a longer period of time and is usually not removed from anywhere; whereas, once you stop paying for an advertising campaign it vanishes. What are you more likely to share? A moisturizer’s advertisement OR a fashion blog post that tells you “7 mind blowing ways to use Vaseline”? The latter, we suppose. This is how the audience for your content increases. Content is a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing and is applicable in the case of almost every product and is engaging, opposed to traditional adverts which are a turn-off.

Final Verdict
With all the noise that thousands of websites are making online, your tune should mesmerize and capture, then enrapture and encourage, and convincingly score. Does that overwhelm you? Certainly, does. Because producing great content is not easy. That’s why BrandMommy strives to produce awesome content for everything and everyone. Join us and Stay tuned to learn more marketing moves like these.