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Why start-ups need PR agencies

When you are working on your start-up, there are never ending confusions and doubts regarding a lot of affairs. And among them, the most common question is ‘does my start-up need to hire a PR Firm’
When you will Google this, you are going to get a mix bag of responses, mostly would be ending with ‘no’.
You will even think that hiring a Public Relations on a former footing will be a complete waste of resources. Moreover a prevailing dilemma could be “why to entrust a third party for your start-up’s reputation when your concepts of self- sufficiency stand reigning in your functionality”.

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Well it’s high time to break this myth.

As start-ups are booming in the market, the competition has raised to another level.  And if you are thinking to handle a business with no professional PR management, it’s doubtful that you will have a long lasting grip in the key markets and key industries because at some point of time professional intervention is required.

The importance of professional PR for start-ups:- The B.O.A.T principle
This principle lays out four key areas where a start-up need help of PR companies:-

  • Establishing BRAND presence
    For a start-up in this competitive economy , it is a very difficult task to establish your own presence across social media and the key demographics .It can also be hard for your start-up to establish a power and dominance in a specific industry without the help of a professional public representative.
    When you hire a PR agency, the agency with their rigorous social media campaigns, their vast networks in media helps you to propagate your voice and come out as a strong and influential brand.
  • OPTIMIZATION of organic and inorganic marketing
    When you are promoting your brand on various platforms, it seems easy to market via the paid options but it takes an expert to make sure that these advertisements are reaching the right audience. A PR agency makes sure that with the right blend of organic (i.e. natural/ non paid growth) and inorganic ( growth via paid advertisement) your messages reach as may ears as possible without spending even a single extra buck.
  • Generating Product AWARENESS
    The biggest hurdle your start-up can face is to increase sale after reaching a particular number. This is usually the reason of public being unaware of your product. PR agencies work with the moto of generating product awareness and this job does not stop till the market reach a saturation point.
  • Saving TIME
    Every start-up initially starts off with a small team and this team is usually product driven. Now everything comes down to a single question “would you rather be spending your time developing your product and running a company or spend time managing your Facebook account?”


We at Brand Mommy understand a start-ups concern. With our vast networks, more than capable teams and expert public representatives, we offer start-ups a value for deal and focus upon representing and marketing you in such a manner that it grabs everyone’s eye balls and establishes your voice in the most competitive environments.